WiMiUS Pico Projector Q2

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  • 【DLP - Excellent Clarity and Contrast】Q2 Pico projector adopts the latest DLP technology, which is more vivid than ordinary LCD projectors, and this outdoor projector will not have the risk of black spots and yellow screen, allowing you to enjoy a more perfect video experience. Meanwhile, other mini projectors are 480P low-definition, while Q2 projector has higher 150ANSI, clearer 540P Native (1080P support ) design, help you enjoy a wonderful family night. (**Dark environment is more suitable)
  • 【Travel Partner - Portable Size Like an Egg】 Q2 mini camping projector adopts a 360° adjustable stand, which is convenient to carry and install. 360° rotation, 180° vertical, and 2.36 Inches flexible height adjustment allow you to project at any angle. The Mico projection distance ranges from 0.98-9.8 FT, project screen can be as small as cookie/cake decoration, or kitchen cooking; As large as 150”, it's also the best Movie projector for outdoor use, Work meetings, Camping, Bedroom night, etc.
  • 【Built-in Battery - Up to 2.5H - Rechargeable Power Bank】The pico projector has a built-in 5000MAH rechargeable battery (can be connected to power bank), with a lamp life of 50,000H, and it also comes with an DC to USB cable to ensure you can continue to use it without a power outlet. It is more convenient while enjoying outdoor movie entertainment. The projector has a battery life of up to 2.5 hours. You can easily finish a movie without worrying about the movie projector dying halfway through.
  • 【Smart Keystone Correction and Connection】 This wireless projector supports Auto Vertical ±40° Keystone Correction (MANUAL FOCUS), which helps to quickly correct the image. In addition, the mico pocket projector supports 5G/2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth 5.2, is Compatible with most USB/HDMI/iOS/Android, additional Eshare function, projects any time. WIMIUS projector has continuous research, the latest touch screen function and anti-mis-touch function have further improved most of the user experience.
  • 【Built-in Android TV system, Unlimited Playback 】Q2 smart tiny projector has a built-in Android TV system, and you can directly download APPS to the mini Bluetooth Wifi projector, including but not limited to Netflix,YouTube and PrimeVideo. Easily access over 5000+ movies and shows without plugging in the TV stick. **Note that copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix and similar services can't be mirrored or screenshot directly. If encounter system problem, please contact After-sales service ASAP.

WIMIUS Q2 Mini Battery Projector: Big World on Hand!

DLP Technology Beyond the Market, Picture Quality is Clearer!

The latest DLP projector technology, after 6 months of continuous research and development by WIMIUS, this Q2 mini projector with battery allows you to enjoy a more vivid movie experience.

Latest Hermitic Optics: Reduced Projection Troubles.

Please place the projector in a ventilated and safe location to prevent the projector from automatically shutting down due to overheating.

What Makes the Q2 Projector Unique ?

Is it normal for the Q2 Mini projector boot time to be long?

Since DLP is the latest technology for projection, the software will take longer to load than LCD projectors, so the boot time will be longer than normal LCD projectors. (** Note that Startup time about 40s is Nomal**)

Why does the projection only have images but no sound?

Dolby Sound is not supported, please turn off any Dolby sound settings on your connected devices or Apps

How to use the power bank to charge the projector?

The Q2 projector is equipped with a DC to USB adapter cable. You only need to connect one end of the adapter cable to the projector and the other end to the power bank to enjoy battery life.

How to use/connect the Mini HDMI interface in the projector?

Our Q2 projector is equipped with an HDMI to Mini HDMI data cable, you only need to connect the corresponding ports at both ends.

Why does my remote not work?

First check whether there is a battery; Then note that the infrared indicator of the projector is on the back of the projector, you need to put the remote control on the back of the projector to operate it.